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Tour de Wyoming

Check out the Tour de Wyoming Safety Video Below.

Note that the safety points made are specifically targeting conditions that are found in Wyoming and when riding with a large group of cyclists while also sharing the road with motorists.  Riding in small groups and in states where rumble strips may be of a different configuration or positioning than is found in Wyoming may result in variations on where it is safest to ride.  During the Tour de Wyoming, with so many cyclists on the road and motorists having no other options for routing due to limited roads in the state, riding to the right as far as it “practicable” is important.  If there is a small area between the rumble strip and the fog line (the white line) but a wide shoulder on the other side of the rumble, that is where it is safest for cyclists to ride.  In instances where the shoulder is littered with debris, this area my not be suitable but efforts should be made to not hug the fog line even though cyclists have every right to do so.  Keep in mind on the Tour de Wyoming that you are not the only cyclist out there and getting past our event can be quite stressful for motorists – even when they are very pro-bike.


• No earphones or earbuds while riding.
• Wear a helmet when on your bike.
• Stay single file when there’s traffic.
• Avoid pacelines when there’s traffic.
• Whenever stopping, get at least 10 feet off the road.
• Ride to the right of rumble strips when there is a clear shoulder.
• Always pass other riders on the left – and let them know you’re passing.
• Please, no leaning bikes against volunteers’ vehicles at rest stops!
• Be safe and have fun – in that order.

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