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Tour de Wyoming

beartooth rideWhat’s New with the Tour de Wyoming

Updates will be posted here of info to pass on to our riders and volunteers.  Check here regularly!  We’ll put out a newsletter to all participants in early June but, other than that, all information will be posted on the website.

6/14/2017 - 2017 Newsletter

Click here to download the 2017 Tour de Wyoming Newsletter.

3/18/2017 - Time running out for payment

Check the Drawing Winner tab to ensure you are not one of the drawing winners who has yet to pay and finalize your entry. The deadline to finish registering is March 31.

1/10/17 - Drawing registration dates

We are increasing the drawing registration dates this year to include all of February. The drawing opens Feb 1 and closes Feb 28. The reason for the change is because the Tour Director is going on her “dream bike tour” to bike in New Zealand for the second half of February.  It is recommended to register early, just in case any problems arise or if you have any questions. From Feb. 17 to March 4, responses to emails by the Tour Director could be delayed until her return.

12/28/16 - Drawing Planning

Plan now for drawing registration.  This year registration will be a two-part process.  First, between February 1 and 28, register for the drawing.  You will enter general information but will not include any payment information since there is no charge to enter the drawing.

Results of the drawing will be sent out by March 8.  Those who win a slot on the Tour must then go to Phase II of the registration.  For this, you will be given a special code that allows you to enter the final registration.  You will sign up for any meal plans and also order optional Tour jerseys and socks. 

Those who win the lottery MUST re-enter and pay by March 31.  Anyone who has not completed registration by that date will be automatically dropped from entry. 

Those who do not win the lottery will automatically be placed on a wait list where riders will be brought in as space is available.