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Tour de Wyoming

Tour de Wyoming FAQ

Check the list below for information on the Tour de Wyoming.  If you don’t see the answer to your question, feel free to send an email to the Tour Director using the Contact page.

What are the dates and costs for the 2018 Tour de Wyoming?

Tour Dates for 2018

We gather on July 14, beginning in mid to late afternoon.  We start pedaling on July 15 and return to our starting point on July 20.

Entry into the lottery is free but those who “win” a slot have until the end of March to pay the $220 entry fee. There are additional costs for meal plans and jerseys. Click here for all costs and fees.



Can I enter as a group so my friend can join me?

Group Registrations

Entry is by individual or as a group of up to 6 riders.  When you enter as a group, it is all in or all out with the lottery.  If you get in and one member wants to cancel later, the rest of the group can still stay on the ride.


Is the Tour de Wyoming suitable for young riders?

Young Riders

Participants under the age of 18 are required to have an adult accompany them on the ride. Riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult ON THE ROAD at all times – an adult must be within sight distance. Children under the age of 14 must be on a tandem bike with an adult. Exceptions are allowed with permission of the Tour Director based on a young rider\’s ability and experience.

Those participants who have family join them at the end of the day at our overnight locations, keep in mind that both indoor and outdoor camping situations are crowded.  There is not a lot of elbowroom.  Babies and toddlers who might cry in the middle of the night would create considerable grumbling from others trying to get some sleep.  Please, if you have little ones along, consider getting motel rooms each night instead.

We have had riders with personal support vehicles bring dogs on the Tour.  Keep in mind that many of our overnight locations lack much shade and temperatures can be high. Bringing a furry friend along may not be a good option, and that is especially true for any pets that aren’t quiet at night.  Please keep in mind that our overnight locations are very busy.  We have had pets along that were noisy at night and that created problems for all those nearby trying to sleep.

Can I wear headphones or earbuds while riding on the Tour?

Headphone (and earbud!) Rule

Headphones, ear buds and any device that impairs hearing are not allowed when cyclists are riding on the road. It creates a safety hazard not only for the rider but for those in the vicinity who might be trying to pass as well as for the motorist when the cyclist can’t hear them approaching.  The use of headphones and earbuds is prohibited on the Tour de Wyoming while riding.

Can I cancel my entry in the Tour de Wyoming?

Cancellation Policy

There is a $30 fee plus any administrative fees charged for the credit card transaction.  This policy is for cancellation up to June 22, 2018.  There are NO REFUNDS after June 23, 2018.  Please don’t ask for an exception since this deadline applies no matter what the reason may be for the cancellation.

Entries are non-transferable.  We always have a significant wait list.  Those on the wait list MUST have registered for the lottery.

To cancel, contact the Tour Director.  She will submit your cancellation to our registration provider.  The provider will charge a fee in addition to the $30 cancellation fee.

How many riders participate in the Tour de Wyoming?

Rider Limit

The Tour de Wyoming is limited to 350 riders. Based on lottery entry numbers the last two years, those who register have about a 50% chance of getting in.  Note that we run a “pure” lottery with no preferences for those who didn’t get into the ride in the past.  Sorry, but to do a preference is not practical with a ride of our size (which is relatively small in the world of bike tours).

What services and food is available at the rest stops?

Rest Stop Facilities

At our rest stops we have food, water and porta-potties.  Typical rest stop foods include fresh fruit, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, crackers, various types of cookies, and the ever-popular Salted Nut Rolls.

The types of food offered at the rest stops is standard from one rest stop to the next.  There is plenty of variety, but be prepared to make your own variety – select different items at each rest stop.

Can friends or family tag along with the Tour in their own vehicle?

Personal Support Vehicles

If you have family or friends coming along, driving your own support vehicle, that is fine although we ask for the following considerations:

  • Personal vehicles ARE NOT allowed to stop at our rest stops.
  • If you opt to be on the course, it is critical that you drive safely and don’t become a hazard for riders and other motorists.
  • Any non-riders that also stay at our overnight locations must pay a $60 non-rider fee. They register AFTER the lottery is run via the “merchandise” option.
  • Please, no generators if staying at our overnight locations. If your trailer includes a generator you need to find different arrangements. Our sites are typically pretty tight and the noise from a generator affects a rather large perimeter.
  • If you bring pets, they must be under control and clean up after your pets – NO barking at night.
  • There are NO PLUG-INs at our overnight locations. If you prefer hook-ups, please find a nearby RV park instead.
  • Non-riders may also sign up for the breakfast or dinner meal plans.

What do I do if my bike needs repair during the Tour?

Mechanical Support

Bike mechanics will be available at our overnight locations. During the day, it is important that you are equipped to repair your own flats. Carry a tube, repair kit and pump on your bike. The mechanics are available for major repair at the end destination. All repairs are paid by each rider. Our bike shop support crew is from Laramie’s Pedal House, rated one of the top bike shops in the country by Bicycle Magazine.

If I don't win a drawing slot on the Tour can I still tag along?

Riding Bandits

The Tour de Wyoming has not had much of a problem with cyclists coming along on their own and not as part of the tour – and not paying.  But it has happened.  We’ve had groups who didn’t get in and, instead, “shadowed” the Tour as we moved around the route.  They felt they were doing no harm since they weren’t utilizing our rest stops and were staying in motels.  Truth is, there is much more involved with setting up the Tour than just putting out some rest stops and finding an overnight location. We also must secure permits from federal and state entities all along our route. The amount of planning is extensive and those who come along the route without paying are, essentially, stealing from the Tour.  If you don’t get in the ride, please make other plans with a different event or plan your own cycling ride – but not on the same route at the same time as the tour.  Anyone who enters the tour without authorization via being personally given the entry invitation code will be cancelled with no refund.

What are the overnight facilities provided on the Tour de Wyoming.

Overnight Facilities

During the Tour, we provide indoor and outdoor camping facilities, usually at a public school or other municipal facility.  At schools we will use showers and restrooms in the building. Indoors is usually in a gymnasium and outside is on a football field or similar open space. Those preferring to stay in motels need to make their own arrangements. One option for getting luggage to your motel is to book the motel sherpa service through Pork Belly Ventures.

Can I get a massage during the Tour?

Massage Available

Kathy Milks and her crew will be joining us again to help ease your aches and pains. Details on how to sign up will be posted here before the tour.

Is there cell phone coverage on the Tour route?

Cell Phones

Cell phone coverage comes and goes along our Tour route. We are staying in public facilities at all our overnight stops. Those facilities will have outlets for recharging cell phones. We will include outlet strips to allow for multiple phone recharging sites at one outlet.

What should I carry with me on the bike each day?

What to Carry Each Day

Be prepared to carry what you need each day.  While there are rest stops to provide food and drink, carry other necessities.  Include what you would need to change a flat tire.   If you wear a jacket to start the day, have a means to carry it with you if you take it off.  Having a seat bag, handlebar bag, or back rear bag is one way to go.

Can I ship my bike ahead of time and have it sent back at the end of the Tour?

Shipping Your Bike

We will provide a location for shipping your bike once it is finalized.

What is the best type of bike for the Tour de Wyoming?

Types of Bikes on the Tour

The majority of riders on the Tour de Wyoming use road bikes with drop handlebars and skinny tires. The range of gears is up to the individual but a triple or compact double is recommended. Mountain bikes with “slick” tires are another option.  E-bikes that are pedal-assist only are allowed.

Is there a fee for non-riders on the Tour de Wyoming?

Non-Rider Facility Use Fee

There is a $60 for use of overnight locations.
There is no fee for those age 12 and under.
Non-riders may also purchase meal plans.

The Tour pays for use of facilities at all overnight locations. Therefore, we need everyone to pay who utilizes these facilities.

Non-riders do not register until after the lottery is run since they are not included in the lottery and likely don\’t want to participate if their rider(s) don\’t get in.

How much luggage am I allowed to bring?

Luggage Weight Limits

Each rider has a luggage limit of 50 pounds for one bag, or if you opt to bring two, then neither can be over 40 pounds. We WILL weight questionable bags on the first morning in Cheyenne. No bags over the limit will be accepted.

Are there special provisions for those opting to stay in motels?

Any motel reservations must be made by the individual. It is your responsibility to get to and from your motel but Pork Belly Ventures offers sherpa service to drop your luggage off at your motel. 

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If you don't see the answer to your question, feel free to email the Tour Director.