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Tour de Wyoming

Special Services

The Tour de Wyoming is very lucky to have a number of businesses – all but one based in Laramie, Wyoming – that join us on the Tour.  Their participation and supply of special services enhances the event for everyone.  If you’re in Laramie, please visit their shops and partake of their services and be sure to thank them for being a part of the Tour de Wyoming.

pedal housePedal House

Rated #3 in the U.S. by Bicycling Magazine as one of the top bike shops around, the Pedal House, located in downtown Laramie, provides TLC for your bicycle and just some nice conversation for humans.  Be it a broken spoke, slipped gears, or just to resupply your tube stash, look for Dewey and Jessica under the awning each evening to help you keep your bike in running condition. Oh and remember, as their logo states: “We Still Hang Bicycle Thieves in Wyoming.”

Coal CreekCoal Creek Coffee

For all the coffee snobs on the Tour, you’re in luck. As in the past few years, Laramie’s Coal Creek Coffee will once again be on hand to provide some deluxe java every morning. If you like an ice coffee in the middle of the afternoon, they can provide that as well. While you may be in rustic Wyoming, lining up at the fancy portable coffee shop each morning is downright decadent.

bisonDynamic Endeavers

Kathy Milks has been on the Tour for the last 10 years, providing massage therapy at the end of each day’s ride. She and her crew will be on hand again this year to help ease your aches and pains.  Last year they all kept hard at it even as Fido, the local bison in Silver Gate, wandered nearby.


Heber’s slogan on his truck: “Number 1 in the Number 2 Business.” We on the Tour de Wyoming can attest that that is true.  Heber supplies all our porta-potties and then keeps us entertained with all his antics throughout the Tour.

Pork Belly Ventures

If you prefer a bit of pampering on the Tour, check with the services of Pork Belly Ventures. From providing a tent and putting it up each day, to morning coffee, camp chairs, and general good cheer, they offer a variety of options for those who want to take the “rough” out of roughing it.

For motel folk, PBV also offers luggage shuttle to local motels.