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Tour de Wyoming

Ride Right! on the Tour de Wyoming

(The Ride Right slogan is used with the permission of RAGBRAI in Iowa)

Good cyclists aren’t born.  It takes practice and a conscious effort to RIDE RIGHT to ensure not only your safety but also that of other cyclists and motorists on the road.

All participants in the Tour de Wyoming must stay as far to the right on the highway and roadways as possible.  As any of our SAG and Rest Stop volunteers can attest, driving past our group requires vigilance. While 90% of the riders keep to the right, it is the 10% that do not that risk not only our overall safety but such actions can also impact our ability to obtain the necessary permits for our event in the future.

Check the photos below for example of good (and bad) cycling.

kids2In this photo, the two riders in the back are in the best location. While the other riders are fine if there is no traffic, they need to be able to see behind (WEAR A MIRROR!) to get over should traffic come up.

pacelineIn this photo the paceline riders are doing a good job of staying to the right. Please avoid pacelines in traffic, though. They tend to float out across the fog line (the white line) and can impede traffic.

left 1In this photo the riders are too far left, although it’s likely there wasn’t any traffic at the time. Too often riders get out in the travel lane and fail to get over for motorized traffic.

overIn this photo the riders are too far left, although, again it’s likely there wasn’t any traffic at the time. Wearing a rearview mirror helps see traffic coming up behind. You need to get over for traffic coming towards you as well.

stopIf you stop along the road, get off the shoulder so riders coming up don’t have to go into the travel lane to pass.

2013pThis is excellent riding in a line on a road with pretty much no shoulder.  Great job!